We Black teachers think of dignity.

We Black teachers think of morality.

We Black teachers think of humanity.

We Black teachers think of civility.

We Black teachers think of revolutionary.

We Black teachers think of our future.

We Black teachers think of transforming.

We Black teachers are good, expect good and demand goodness.

We Black teachers are important in the profession.

We Black teachers teach our children how to maneuver this racist system and country.

Black teachers hold high demands and expectations and demand that they be met.

Black teachers don’t believe in expelling, suspending and harsh discipline of our Black children because we build a genuine relationship first.

Black teachers disrupt the school to prison pipeline and ultimate our children are not pushed into the criminal justice or juvenile justice system because of our genuine relationship.

Black teachers don’t disrupt families by reporting, calling dcfs or any of this nature, we find the need and get the result we need and we all know we need.

Black teachers are beneficial on this journey for Black children.

Black teachers are of course culturally sensitive and competent.
Black teachers know that our children come to us with many skills, brilliance, resilience, critical thought, a mindset of soaking up knowledge and wisdom.

Black teachers refuse this racist system inside of their schools

We Black teachers don’t normalize inappropriate behaviors, institutionalized racism, lack of respect, compassion and empathy for peers in educational settings.


We Black teachers don’t think of money, well it is not our central thought, well it used to not be.

We Black teachers are used to not having enough in this country and taking what we get and creating magic out of it.

We Black teachers are used to defunding of our clubs, activities, and other opportunities that lead to inclusion, access and competition and we STILL made a way.

We Black teachers have always been overqualified, highly qualified, and intentional about this career.

We Black teachers never put money over our careers, we always taught for revolutionary reasons.

We Black teachers never put money over our careers, we always picked professions for our culture.

We Black teachers never chose a profession out of ignorance but intellectually, intentionally, willfully, knowingly and purposefully for the elevation, education, empowerment, and enlightenment of our people with strong representation and conviction.

We Black teachers never had emptiness and when drought happened, rain poured down somehow and we still produced scholars.

We Black teachers  have always been over worked and undercompensated, underappreciated, underpaid and undervalued while we were coveted, needed and expected to go above and beyond and we failed not.

We Black teachers have always been diminished, belittled, disrespected, disregarded, and still cultivated scholarly children because we gave them no option.

See also  Graced State!

We Black teachers are used to America denying us livable wages, higher wages and anything we asked for or needed but that didn’t stop us executing our job, vision, mission and goal of pouring into our future, look at history if you don’t believe me.

These WHITE people have no morals, respect, consideration, empathy, compassion, values, ethics, or principles and it shows by the young people we see today, they are their product.

We Black teachers have always had no or not enough and was STILL expected to outperform, overproduce and out deliver and we failed not.

We Black teachers have always spent our own money to make sure students had dignity, respect, and a sense of pride within themselves so they could come to school ripe to learn so this is absolutely nothing new.

We Black teachers understand that we are an extension of home, we are a reflection of home and we have a duty to rear our children jus home and we took that oath to be parents away from parents.

We Black teachers have been mistreated, abused, used and disrespected by America ever since we got off the boat so we are accustomed to it all.

We Black teachers are exceptional, brilliant, creative, ingenious, lovers, trustworthy and truth tellers.

We Black teachers are BLACK in America first before we are professionals so we come with relationship, trust, nurturance, kindness, compassion, empathy and love.

We Black teachers must see the school to prison pipeline, must obey commands and demands that are harmful, racist, and unjust towards our BLACK students.

We Black teachers must be complicit in this wicked system that preys upon our BLACK children.

We Black teachers take directives that are harmful, hurtful and immoral.

We Black teachers are used to retaliation.

We Black teachers don’t need a career upgrade but what we need is a school for us, by us and about us.

We Black teachers illuminate minds, spark minds, enlighten minds, and believe that they have minds.

We Black teachers are used to being asked to give more than we have with such little in return but it was never our ultimate reason why we chose to give.

We Black teachers are used to sacrificing our soul, peace, mind, security, finances for a people who are detached, disengaged and disrespectful AF to even be grateful, appreciative and thankful.

We Black teachers understand that if our students fail, we fail and we don’t like losing or failing.


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