What is a diagram?



A diagram is a visual structure, appearance and brings about clarity.

We have diagrams of the body.

We have diagrams in math.

We have diagrams in English.

We have diagrams in science.

Di means 2

Dia is a medical prefix that means through, throughout completely, this is how our English teachers taught us, thoroughly and completely.

Ms. Patricia Reece Miller and her sentence diagrams.

Ms. Alssandryia Essien and her prefixes, suffixes and root words.

We had 10 a week to memorize, define and use correctly in a sense for clarity and confidence.

Sentence Diagrams, as I sit here and reflect on Ms. Reece’s daughter and I conversation about a memorial entry I made, I began to reflect on how we were LYNCHED if caught reading or writing.

Talking about an in the closet Black Panther, these BLACK women were exceptional, professional, brilliant, intentional and confident in their abilities and knowledge.

Not only did they demand excellence and superiority in our work assignments but they made sure we knew that we knew that we knew the English Language forwards and backwards, Palindromes

They taught us more than their assigned subject, we learned the importance of community, being civilly engaged, morally responsible, being accountable, not expecting anyone to hand us anything and pride in who we were, where we lived and all that we embodied.


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