To ADOPT something means to choose something you didn’t birth or don’t own  naturally.

Progress is a great thing but we Black people mustn’t forget the bridges we had to cross that’s still visible and carrying us over  today.

We are Black first, even with money, access, opportunities, titles and positions our ancestors only dreamed about.

We need a come to Jesus moment and take our children of today and we need to do, undo and redo as well as teach, unteach and reteach.

We have ADOPTED this microwave mentality when we are used to cooking basically all day to make sure it is cooked all the way through and well.

We have ADOPTED white entitlement when we know that if we don’t work for it, we don’t get it.

We have ADOPTED white beliefs when we have never just shown up and gotten anything, it has always been that tough mindedness that was drilled into us that made us superior and champions.

We have ADOPTED white expectations when just because we have extra income or no income does not automatically make us the chosen, best or preferred one, why? We have never expected anything if we haven’t worked, put in the hours, sweat and devotion and wanted it bad enough. Now, if Simone Biles can be treated the way she was because she was excellent, why do we think our children carrying this mediocre, I’m here i expect a trophy mentality to fly?

We have ADOPTED white mediocrity when they have always needed, relied upon, expected and coveted all that we have brought because when we showed up, we showed out.

We have ADOPTED white laziness and work ethics when we complain about everything and refuse to put in the labor, this has never been our reality and this is not how the top athletes have taken over courts, gyms, and fields.

We have ADOPTED whiteness when we never will be white now or never and their ways will never work for us as it shouldn’t.

We BLACK PEOPLE have ALWAYS been the catalyst in this country and around the world for being:

family focused, loyal, discerning, intuitive, family first, family loving, scholastic, compassion, resilient, impeccable, critical thinkers, forward in motion, progressive in vision, mission guided, objective holding, high standards, high expectations, never malice, never hatred, never, viciousness, never discombobulating, never misconstrued, always reading, willing able, dignified, fairness, truth, humility, unity, equality, equity,  accountable, responsible, moral, prideful, empathetic, kindness, decency, gentle, considerate,  loving, unified, brilliant, excellent, collective, principled, value owning, high character exhibiting and stranding true, heavy and tall on that ALL, PATRIOTIC, RIGHT, & JUST.

See also  Injurious Win!

Today and in listening to, watching and understanding this free generation, now they are FREE to be mediocre, rude, illiterate, lazy, ill prepared, unconcerned, disrespectful, inconsiderate, immoral, unjust, toxic, malicious, ignorant and all things white and above but their antonyms.


We couldn’t wait to be around those who were ANTI BLACKNESS, ANTI-BRILLIANCE AND ANTI-EXCELLENCE? I mean, all you have to do is look back, it was us and always have been us.

The same ones WE taught but managed to get us away from our foundation, cornerstone, community, unity, innate brilliance, strength, resilience and the BLACKEST THING EVER of being ingenious, problem solvers, solution oriented, researchers, inventive, creative and using our minds, hands and resources to being around them where they strip it, deny it, omit it and exclude it and lastly profit off of it and now we are here.

I am elated this club SCCVB is the only one our girls have been with since 7 and 6.

They not only love the game

They not only respect the game

They not only master the game

The relationship with the coach

The fact that there is a difference between criticism and constructive criticism

The fact that they have never felt abused or misused by someone demanding, having a no excuse policy and pulling out of them what she know is within

The fact that we as parent’s aren’t volleyball coaches and what we see is because not only who she is but her circle of coaches who all have imparted, deposited and mentored them.

If we would only unify we would be dangers.

What I love about Serena Williams father, he refused to allow a check to dictate whether or not they would own his daughters, he wanted his daughters to own their gifts and it all started with building up their confidence and this is what this club does first.

Fox 2 News have a segment titled, You Paid For It of which where I got this title.

Yes, we can pay for something but just because we pay, now we want to dictate, demand, and have unreasonable expectations.

When you choose to find any and everything wrong even when life happens, that is those white folks ways of thinking and being.

We can’t forget the RABONNI need to be left along to produce excellence, brilliance, resilience and champions.