Vulgarity ACCEPTED

THE ENEMEY WITHIN OUR SCHOOLS: instruct, destruct, construct, obstruct, structure

Shut up! Quit running your mouth! Hursh It Up! Silence Now! Be Quiet!

We may find ourselves saying things that are just not nice and may not be aware of it.
We speak healing, health, hope, belief, charity, compassion, helpfulness and love.
The enemy has our children speaking perverse lingo.
I didn’t sign up to hear trash daily.
I didn’t sign up to hear vulgar daily.
I didn’t sign up to hear bad language daily.
I didn’t sign up for humiliation daily.
I didn’t sign up for disrespect daily.
I didn’t sign up for chaos.
I didn’t sign up to be treated rudely.
I didn’t sign up to be fed negativity daily.
I didn’t sign up to be slandered daily.
I didn’t sign up to be hurt daily.
I didn’t sign up to be emotionally bruised and tormented.
I signed up for an assignment
I signed up for fulfilling my purpose
I signed up to execute my calling
I signed up to strengthen
I signed up to enlighten
I signed up to eradicate
I signed up to reposition
I signed up to equip our future to understand their worth and brilliance
I signed up to pull out their function, gifts, skills, talents and innateness.
I signed up to speak life and bring life
Today, I learned that vulgar words are acceptable. I hear it daily, I cringe daily. I am disgusted daily.
Each word or word phrase has a financial value because when our inner city children exercise their constitution rights (freedom of speech); they are written up and referred of which is interconnected with the juvenile justice system and the school to prison pipeline.
Not only do we adults choose our words but so do our children and as adults, why have we come to this point where we don’t correct inappropriate behavior, language or ways?
The vulgar words, mirror our self image, self esteem and self period. The enemy have allowed this to occur.
To listen to our intelligent and brilliant students daily talk so vulgarly in such a casual way; even when they feel that they are being affectionate; it speaks to where we are and where we need to get to as a culture.
Words have value
Words have life
Words have meaning
Words have ambition
Words of encouragement
Words have inspiration
Words have vision
Words have decisiveness
Words have fulfillment
Words have purity
Words have love
Words have power
Words have expenses
Words have wisdom
Words have confidence
Words have direction
Words have peace
Words have clarity
Words have a history
Words are reflective
Words have support
Words have forgiveness


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BLACK schools are known for producing students that proudly displayed:

Great Grammarians

Astounding Articulators

Excellent Enunciators

Empowered Expressionists

Satisfying Speech Deliverers

Proud Presenters

Confident Communicators

Opportunistic Orators

Master Messengers

Flawless Fluency

High standards and expectations as Habit

Determined Diction

Intuitive Inflectors

Accountable Addressers

Responsible Revealers

Visual Vocalists

VULGAR words are the total opposite of who we are as a Black culture ESPECIALLY from our future.