Mandatory Credentialing…….

After Student-Loan Forgiveness, Mandatory Credentialing Has to Go

What were we talking about the other day and being credentialed and shade tree this and that…..

We go through K-12 that America wield our BLACK education malpractice, and maltreatment along with curriculum discrimination and then have the audacity to test us on information withheld, excluded and omitted all intentionally, knowingly and legislatively.

We go through K-12 and clubs and activities are seen as not a necessity but a privilege because they are connected and interconnected with accompanying businesses that provide a leg up, where they cam learn the ropes and rules of the game.

We go through K-12 and see rotating cast of substitute teachers where they babysit.

We take it all with much pride and matriculate to higher education where the lingo, jargon, communication, culture and demands are all foreign. Yet, we quickly learn the foreign language and move through the ranks. Now, I would be untruth to not admit that we didn’t:






buckle down

look up

proudly graduate!

We are told that there are different kinds of colleagues that we will have in life because we had them in group projects and all will be treated the same, now that was more than I could handle.

So, they know we inner city dwellers will go above and beyond because this is how we are trained and we are well aware that we have no one to bail us out like those in our groups who came from mediocrity, were slackers, allowed to be late runners, was just extraness, always missing in action, unnecessarily anxiety filled, forever tardy for class, meetings and presentations, drained the life out of us for no reason, depressed, and overly exuberant, fashionistas, overly observant, and too damn helpful.

Now, after all of that; we come home and get told, it is because of our choosing to go to higher education and not be a statistic that we aren’t hired, employable, a perfect fit or an ideal candidate for said company, organization or position……

Then, we have the college scandal where they steal, fake, and create unearned access, opportunities and titles by handing out diplomas, degrees, and certifications without ever showing up or doing any of the work.

We BLACK citizens especially in our inner cities are ALWAYS EXPECTED to sign confidentiality agreements, sign letters of agreements, sign liability waivers and sign ANYTHING that shields the GUILTY from being held accountable and responsible for knowingly, willingly and purposefully using, abusing, being accountable and responsible for their malpractice, immorality, illegality and maltreatment of the innocent, legislatively ignorant and the financially challenged but mentally and physically and intellectually ripe.

AMERICA DEBT SYSTEM was created to prey upon Black, ignorant, trusting, needy, and struggling people. America literally zone Blacks into areas and then legislate education malpractice and curriculum discrimination of which is the root of lack because of defunding, and end result is legalizing exclusion and rejection to access, opportunity and competition.

America created ways to get FREE LABOR from African Americans after they had to take down those WHITES ONLY signs. They are still up just invisible and etched deep into policies.
America legislated curriculum discrimination and education malpractice so we can’t intellectually understand how this DEBT work and thee jargon.
America control these racist and divisive languages and vocabularies so in excluding it we have no SOUND knowledge of finances because the key to LIBERATION is FINANCIAL LITERACY, WEALTH BUILDING AND UNITY.
America understand that keeping the most brilliant, talented and skilled people ignorant, detached, disengaged, financially illiterate and being illiterate of “language” keeps control and perpetuates PROFIT OVER PEOPLE and PROFIT OVER POVERTY.
America put STUDENT LOAN DEBT in place to give us false hope and keep us in a slave state.
America never told us that just because we obtained a degree that it automatically made us employable or made us candidates who are qualified for livable and higher wages because those WITHOUT COLLEGE gets to start businesses, hire, fire and give out wages.
America love to tell us that we are overqualified, highly skilled, too much of this, that and the other all of the time of which push us and keeps us in poverty and our credit scores low.
We leave college in MAJOR debt because WE CHOSE to escape poverty and reach for the “American Dream” but yet our families are and were left STILL impoverished so therefore in our ignorance, we being OFFERED large amounts of money at one time CHOSE TO ACCEPT to help home and “supposedly” lessen the burden of home.
Colleges have demands, expectations and resources POOR STUDENTS CAN’T MEET OR CALL HOME FOR FINANCES AND THEY KNOW IT.   THIS DEBT “crisis” is a RE-GIFTING of policies, laws, procedures, wickedness, mandates, rules, codes and injustices towards BLACK citizens and the POOR to keep us THE MOST HARD WORKING GROUP under control and subjection of white inferiority.
It was never or is never about our ABILITY but availability, access, opportunity and inclusivity.
America came up with ways to exclude, deny, reject and flat out say NO while knowing better than we did what was in us.
They created DISTANCE and DOLLARS.
They began to DEFUNDED what came natural to us (OUR MUSCLES AND MINDS) and then created many ways to DENY our inclusion but when we jumped those UNNECESSARY hurdles; WE ALWAYS proved that poverty wasn’t synonymous with skills, gifts, talents, brilliance, creativity or magic so what do we do and have always done?

Yep, when afforded access, opportunity, privilege and honor we DEBUNK the lie and snatch those false narratives and DEMAND our respect because we DOMINATE whatever, every time.