Juggling Coach Thomas

What sets you apart in the volleyball industry?

You offer not only all of you but your best self.

You deliver your experience, journey, passion and proven fact and genius to your clientele of parents in the inner city and I am honorable to see their fruit of her labor.

You brought your past experience of being coached into your coaching and this is what we have always been to produce top athletes.

You stand out and our bottom line is the result of your coaching success.

You offered us excellence, top notch, and genuine and it was that, you built up SCCVBC and this outcome is more than what we hoped for because it is your impact that align with all of your statements: mission, vision, objective, principle, etc. For yourself, your players and SCCVBC.

You connect and interconnect with all of the right people and organizations.

You have a level of confidence in your outcomes your clients can achieve which makes you confident on the sales call, we have receipts.

You know your capability, strength and ability of which made us buy into SCCVBC for the past 10 years.

You are excited about what you can deliver.

You have a proven success track record.

You showed the humanity, realness and possibilities in life and living and how to juggle them all and keep the vision and goals in sight.

Thanks for reaching back and pulling up.

Thanks for choosing to come back and and elevating the young people in our area and not elevating yourself off our area and the kids.

You were raised with moral, dignity, integrity and confidence and not wasn’t raised to get punched in the face and not swing back.

I wasn’t supporting anyone that wasn’t from here with our girls and I am elated I chose not to do so. I wasn’t willing to sell our children falsehood.

You not only coach to produce the best citizens and athletes but you also make the space for supporting outside of practice and tournaments.

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You are not about the cameras, videos, or publicity but results.

I am elated that you not only know the city and what the children have within, but you recall who you are and how this community made you.

I am happy that you are so confident within yourself and equip other leaders to follow you.

Thanks for being overqualified.

You are produce greatness because not only are you invested in the community but you are indeed from the community.

You have a winning mentality but not only on the court but in life, finances, relationships and self awareness and confidence.

Each and every child you see, work with and bring into your circle are seen as, believed to be and have the ability to be winners on the court and in life because you bring out the potential from within.

As we discuss the school to prison pipeline, you have a pipeline of excellence, pipeline of support, and a pipeline of success for your players to own, command and see themselves doing and being greater.

Thanks for not using, abusing, and exploiting our children for their gifts, talents, skills and taking credit for what your players do, you produce coaches.

You have the power, potential, and passion to produce Olympian ready volleyball players.

ALL young ladies could, and would if only you were allowed to do what you do and be who you are.

You are aware that City of Champions is not only a cliché, or mantra but we have the receipts.

You are one of the best, strongest and most progressive coaches in volleyball in this area.

I am elated you are from #89Blocks. Thanks for getting the hardships, poverty, oppression, ptsd, and trauma and STILL demanding, expecting and requiring a no excuse policy, strong work ethic, brilliance, and A games.

Thanks for caring about our children’s athleticism and academic future.