Injurious Win!

We cheer when they hurt

We cheer when they get up after getting up

Here at a volleyball match and saw the star we came to support.

I am here thinking about Black.Women in the medical field as they disregard and reject our pain, injuries and hurt.

She injured herself but stayed in the game.

She injured herself but managed to keep her composure.

She injured herself and showed that we have a history of pushing through any rain, storm, pain, disappointment, disregard, and oppression.


Not only did she remain in the game but it appeared that her equilibrium was off.

I saw her limp after she liberoed the ball but not enough to be noticable but I noticed.

She was up to serve and she had a sigh of relief because she would stand, get her composure, and get her head back in the game.

She was able to stand a minute because they couldn’t handle her powerful serves.

It reminded me of the discussion we are having about Black women in America.

We are said to be strong.

We are said to be pain.

We are expected to play through our pian.

We are expected to work under pressure.

We are coveted because of our ability to be present in the midst of our legislated pain, disregard, disrespect, dishonor and disbelief.

Yep, she did what we Black Women do and have always done and that is, under unwarranted, immoral, dehumanizing and illegal expectations: WE STILL:

Show up,


Provide excellence

Be superb

Be profession

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Be courteous

Be ethical

Be conscious

Be considerate

Be winners while in pain and injured