If You Are Black, Follow Back!

If you BLACK, follow back was trending, after Trevor Noah ended his show if 7 years with a shout out to the group that has always not only saved America from itself but helped this thankless and ungrateful place upon our shoulders.

BLACK WOMEN chose fo UNIFY, support, encourage, boost, highlight and elevate her BLACK sister.

The disdain WW are audibly spewing for being excluded, unwanted and rejected makes since as to why our BLACK children in these prison preps being taught by Wardens are so angry, aggressive, bitter and full of confusion and fight.

They know our power and strength wheneducated.

They know our power and strength when unified.

They know our power and strength when standards and expectations are raised.

They know our power and strength when we are thinking critically.

They know us better than we know us.

They feel that the NEED to be in the midst to steer us from each other.

Black women have shown our ASS for the past 500 plus years:

We knew that we were on an ASSignment of spreading love, acceptance, justice, equality and kindness to all of mankind, SHOW OUR ASS!
We knew that we we to ASSemble the ignorant and educate them on what righteous living, principles, good character, values, and morality should look like, show your ASS!
We knew that we were positioning ourselves to ASSimilate ourselves and try to in depth see, hear, touch, feel, and understand of something deep down you may or may not know first hand nor can TAKE IT, but any way do SHOW YOUR ASS!
We knew that we had been called out to lead the ASSassination of bigotry, racism, hatred, unknown rage, intolerance and phobias, do SHOW YOUR ASS!
We knew that we had to make cognizant decisions to ASSociate yourself around like minded as well as unlike minded to begin sincere and intellectual dialogue on years of lies that our great country has stood upon, do SHOW YOUR ASS!
We knew that we are one of the many that ASSure us that there is hope, a rainbow, a sunshine and a devoted group that is willing to keep chipping away until justice prevails, do SHOW YOUR ASS!
We knew that we chose not to ASSume anything but no matter how brute and straight up, you welcome all to the table of sisterhood because your ears may get, your heart is evident, you can step back and get a breather but those of us who can’t appreciate the table that is spread and the seat with our names on it, do SHOW YOUR ASS!
We knew that we ASSort the good, bad, ripe, spoiled contaminated, purified and gather them all and in your facilitation, education, and will YOU CHANGE MINDS OVER TIME, do show your ASS!
You are indeed a GREAT ASSet in this fight for my family and I’s liberation.
They daily speak disrespectful,. disingenuous, discombobulating, divisiveness, ignorance and poisonous rhetoric.