Giving Flowers!

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I am an avid flower giver, it speaks to the process it took to get into the hands of those I want to express my love, appreciation and gratitude.

Listening to one of my fave HipHop artists this morning basically set the record straight with some ignant yungunz who want to DIS our elders, foundation, cornerstone, pillars and reasons why we are here because they ain’t drownin in benz, milz or bilz, affluence negating the fact it is upon their shoulders they stand, this country stands.

This country denied, stole, robbed, stripped and just took their intellectual property, brilliance, resilience, ingenuity, creative juices as their own and began profiting off of it, benefiting from it, and owning it.

When we African Americans detached from us and ours and felt or thought that being around the enemy “white folks” who have a history of stripping, robbing, killing and stealing our history, innate brilliance, creative juices and mad skills and talents was the BEST route, this is what it all produced, the DISSIN from the yungunz who don’t know the journey, sacrifice, pain and history.

This is our time to give them their flowers.

This is our time to sing their praises.

This is our time to show major appreciation.

This is our time to show much gratitude.

This is our time to connect and interconnect with the estranged community and people that built America.

It is our time to say atta girl, atta boy.

It is our time to show them that it wasn’t in vain.

It is our time to really elevate their vision, voice and versatility.

We should not allow this young generation to perpetually be in this moment and time looking, acting, thinking and presenting themselves in the most unrecognizable and unprecedented manner our culture has ever seen, heard, felt or experienced
They should no longer have platforms where they are DISSIN the elders, Humiliating their journey and dehumanizing them for what was out of their control..
Yes, this younger ignorant, entitled, insolent and illiterate BLACK generation are publicly bashing and degrading the elders, their childhood, the community and the lack of access, opportunities, choices and inclusion all wielded by those they are listening to, following behind, believing and attempting to emulate.
Yes by DISSIN them, their decisions and detaching, breaking curses, etc minus not knowing how America works and STILL residing in this racist country of which will swiftly use them as pawns.
This are all because our children learned from, lived amongst, listened to and embodied the ways, characteristics of those their ancestors taught how to be civilized and they now in turn are the uncivilized generation.
Today our children have more access, opportunities, privileges and positions, titles than their ancestors could only dream about and yet they lack gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, honor and pride because of the road taken to make sure they could.
They way they talk, the way they act, they way they treat others, and the way they present themselves are all proof that they cannot and do knot know this country, and how this racist country works and how they got here and it is my duty to tell them.