Girl Bye!

Stop acting like our children are in the 1800’s.

Our children are just as tech savvy, brilliant, capable, able and intelligent as affluent children.

You don’t want to see it, believe it or bring it out of them.

We are all privy that from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, it is technology.

Stop force feeding our babies in these inner cities what isn’t effective or working and that starts with these incompetent teachers and outdated curriculum.

Poverty is nothing new.

Homelessness is nothing new.

Being transient is nothing new.

Being without school supplies is nothing new.

Being short changed is nothing new.

Being overworked is nothing new.

Being socially and emotionally bruised is nothing new.

Being devalued is nothing new.

Not having the latest this, that and the other isn’t new.

Facing illness of self or loved ones is nothing new.

Challenges are nothing new.

Overcrowded rooms are nothing new.

Being treaded like you are a commodity is nothing new.

Being undervalued is nothing new.

Being disrespected is nothing new.

Being underpaid is nothing new.

B3eing overworked is nothing new.

Being highly stressed is nothing new.

The deprofessionalization of education has everything to do with these entitled, privileged, inept, and incompetent white teachers who have always had everything handed to them.