Exploiting Substitute Teachers

We show up for our teachers
We show up because we care
We show up because we really want to be educators
We show up to provide comfort and protection
We show up for our children
We show up and is willing to work wherever needed and used as a full time teacher
We are expected to do everything teachers do minus the salary, perks, insurance and comfort
We are expected to work without compensation as teachers get when covering multiple classes
We are expected to be Wardens and criminalize our children because of Poly Traumatic Stress Disorders
We are expected to give unending emotional labor and be trauma experts just because we share their hue
We are expected to do multiple duties and then some and we do them all because we understand that we must be in the building for the students, our future
We are expected to allow disrespect and viciousness to go unchecked
We are expected to treat these children like they don’t know what they are doing and saying
We are expected to be healers because there are no social workers or counselors in the building
W are expected to immediately push our babies into the juvenile justice system
We are expected to criminalize our preschoolers
We are expected to be extremely patience when we are being physically, verbally and emotionally abused
We are expected to use our emotional intelligence when confronting irate students
We are expected to have conflict resolution skills when we are unable to discipline or redirect the students
We are expected to use common sense but our children aren’t expected to have any
We are expected not to retaliate when we are hit, shoved, spat upon or the like
We are expected to be the bigger person and take whatever assault we are dished out
We have to make a cognizant decision of whether or not we will compromise our livelihoods or do what we got to do to show these children
We understand poverty
We know the weight of poverty
We know not all can do this work
We provide safe spaces
We have to understand that these children have been exploited so, failed so, left to fend for themselves inside of these educational institutions so that whatever they do, say and present is right and they are entitled to being wrong, immoral, unjust, unethical and dehumanizing because they enemy is this way
We are the adults who must put them back into their lane
We know that if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be able to pay our bills, notes and fees.
We teach who we are and always have been and that is: moral brilliant, civil, ethical, decent, truth tellers, character, scholarly, prideful, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent, disciplined, accountable, responsible, great, dignified, punctual, values, prepared, peace makers, critical thinkers, communal, supportive, resilience, mentally strong, caring, no excuse policies, unifying, smart, articulate, skillful, gifted and talented, builders, proper protocol, comfort, calmness credibility, and reputation, principles transparency, labor, strong work ethics, quality life, respect for elders, honor of the laws, and responsible for our future.
We understand that children are not born rude, disobedient, disrespectful and selfish, or entitled they were taught that way and Whites are behind this insanity
We understand how to raise respectful, engaging, and mannerable children.