DEMONcrat Is Anti Black Voters

Allow me to start with the profound words of Dr. Amos N. Wilson when he stated, “If you want to understand any problem in America, you need to focus on who profits from that problem, not who suffers from that problem.” Also this as well, “Our refusal as Black people to confront the issue of money and wealth is going to end up with our very lives being threatened as a people in this earth.”

My dad told me to always vote DEMOCRAT straight down the voting ticket and I heeded his words of wisdom but to my detriment.

If names are known, highly respected and generationally in our “hoods” are the same, I must question, who are you serving? Where do you reside? If you are parents, where do your children attend schools?

I consider myself a revolutionary person, I want good, right, healthy and progressive change for us all. I am not accepting status quo, business as usual, false narratives, stereotypes and traditional roles any longer that’s rooted and grounded in that vicious and racist book called the bible.

As long as we inner city dwellers are legislated malpractice and maltreatment of which justifies our oppression and poverty; we are not a democracy.

We do not live in a FOR ALL just, free, fair and unified country but an immoral, unjust and illegal one.

White men create, invent, make up and lie to stay in power, control and domineering and refuse to see us as the assets we always have been in America. We have the potential to be great, moral, just, exceptional and excellent if the mediocre, small minded and illiterate ones would move out of the way of the and hand over the pen and allow us to wield us back to what we used to be.

DEMONcrats have had power, privilege and position and still failed us, harmed us, hurt us and prematurely killed us when it comes to health, wealth, education, access, opportunities and inclusion. They work on the side of it being a privilege and the highest bidder wins and not our human right.

DEMONcrats are most definitely bought, bossed, controlled, dictated and instructed that they better not elevate, empower, educate, energize or encourage he poor BLACK residents to rise up, get up and do something greater about our condition.

These DEMONcrats are no leaders or servants of the people, they are POLIticicans.

DEMONcrats aren’t moral, just, good, fair, right or legally binding because they have adopted the white ways of thinking, speaking, acting and visioning when our inner city dwellers are concerned.

These DEMONcrats have wasted BLACK FACE because seemingly in every profession where we are out front, highly regarded and respected; profit, money and salaries trumps humanity, dignity, morality, respect, consideration and justice; those are the things that used to sustain us, motivate us, be our number one goal! We were in it for our people, for our culture and for our future. Today, we don’t hold those positions with the same pride, joy, power and sincerity.

DEMONcrats are anti-black , anti-education, anti-safety, anti-morality, anti-female because they wield discrimination, division, oppression and poverty. Mr. Nelson Mandela told us already, “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.” – Nelson Mandela

They wield, clearly understand and know that law enforcement literally prey upon us poor who go through K-12 without the lingo, rules, laws and policies and somehow is held accountable and responsible for that they withheld. Make it make sense. YOU CAN’T.

We not only have law enforcement, teachers, EMT workers and firemen working within our community but residing outside of it with no enforcement of residency requirements but they come with racism, and biases as well.

We the community aren’t taught that we should be in the decision making rooms sitting around the discussion tables and picking the best candidates that we tax payers pay to do their job and be accountable for their actions and inactions.

DEMONcrats exclude that.

DEMONcrats make sure that we are ignorant, marginalized and economically challenged so that we can’t use our power that we don’t know we possess. They don’t have to have a relationship, respect and genuine concern about the education, environment, worship, lack and what we hold important. We don’t have the final say as to who we hire to serve us and who we feel is the best candidate to keep us safe and who shows the most genuine signs of innate empathy, values, principles, concerns, respect and sympathy towards the community.

We are an intuitive people and we can spot a phony a mile away. We are a people who have always understood the power of relationship.

We are shown in every profession inside our communities the end result when they don’t have to build relationships. These people are the great invaders. Authentic community control is vital, needed and expected. It happens in our more affluent areas, why not the DEMONcrats push it in ours? They don’t even reside in ours. The community will intervene when abuse of power arise.

DEMONcrats covet, rely upon, need, expect and understand the power of our vote and the lack there of.

As a devoted voter for the DEMONcratic party, they have had more than enough fun with my vote.

DEMONcrats wield the many injustices, malpractices and maltreatment that is unwarranted and unnecessary

DEMONcrats fund those who spill ill will, evil, lies, mistrusts and inferiority into the gates of our future.

DEMONcrats understand and know that even those of us who are upstanding and law abiding life can be snuffed right from amongst us because of these draconian laws, rules, codes, mandates and policies that they uphold. We are no threat, America created a way to exterminate us.

DEMONcrats have humiliated, disrespected and embarrassed me because they allow the looting, stealing and killing of our hoods that cause the maltreatment.

DEMONcrats see the news, hear the news and feel the anguish of the loved ones left behind just as I do, you do and we do and yet allow it to perpetuate like they can’t weild it to an end. They have grown insensitive, not accountable and responsible for their own people.


DEMONcrats have no sympathy when it comes to the inner city dwellers any more. We know exactly what is playing out, how it is playing out and why. DEMONcrats through legislation intentionally provoked this generation to act in the manner it is of which has ignited the behaviors we are witnessing.

DEMONcrats are indeed offensive, rude, disrespectful and think we are ignorant as they perpetually insult our intelligence with saying one thing on megaphones and wielding the opposite on executive suites.

DEMONcrats have “said” power but aren’t held accountable or responsible for our votes.

DEMONcrats used to be on the side of the people, for the people, about the people and with the people. Those positions have all changed today.

DEMONcrats make us feel hopeless, and helpless because we have grown to the point that we literally expect them to not do anything but hurt, harm and bring about premature death upon us because this is the way it is going today. We were warned that every generation inherit the struggle and well today, our children has inherited this weight of being melanated.

DEMONcrats are good with symbolic gestures instead of doing what unafraid, unapologetic and unbossed whites do for them and theirs and that is protecting their rights, privileges, wealth, access, and opportunities.

Black DEMONcrats are sad today. They have no shame in their game. They don’t feel accountable or responsible for the issues within the Black community and they don’t think that they should examine their duties honestly. They are responsible for the early demise of the Black community along with the “political power” I don’t think we have ever had, especially after the 8 years of the Obama administration.

DEMONcrats understand the history, journey and hardships of the Black citizens in this thankless and ungrateful country of which should be getting our reparations.

When I see wasted BLACK FACES in positions of power, in positions of prestige and in positions of privilege but yet silent and dismissive on the issues that plague us, I am reminded of the quote by Upton Sinclair when he said, “It is difficult to get a person to understand something his check depends on him not understanding.” Also, I can’t forget the words of Dr. King when speaking on White Moderates then but White Progressives today…..


No longer do I cheer for Black representation or a DEMONcrat.

These are no longer a priority for me and to me or essential to my why I endorse or vote.

Our loyalty to the DEMONcratic party has been taken advantage, disrespected and unappreciated. All we have gotten was misleadership.

No longer am I holding high my loyalty oath to a DEMONcratic party that intentionally hurt, harm, deny, reject, exclude and cause the early demise of me and mine.

Our loyalty to the DEMONcratic party protects them from the opponent while simultaneously giving them the green light to use, misuse and abuse our sacred vote.

If MONEY is how our voices are heard, we will forever be muted. DEMONcrats normally are outnumbered and not outvoted regularly.

We BLACK women are known to save America from itself and I am sick and tired of never reaping from the fruit of my labor. THE ILLUSION IS OVER.

They no longer feel that they need to have strategy sessions, political discussions and execution strategies with us in these hoods any longer.

We see through these DEMONcrats lies clearly today.

DEMONcrats think that our political self interest and identity is the same and we are no fools in these hoods.

DEMONcrats saw America give Asians, LGBTQ hate crime bills expeditiously along with funding but have been silent on us while we vote in large numbers for them……..

DEMONcrats are well aware that without BLACK Americans, we would have no hue, flava, beauty, culture, arts, tech country in general. There would be no USa without US.

DEMONcrats have hindered our self determination, self worth, self pride, self empowerment and self reliance as a people to gain our own freedom and resilience by apartheid, denial, and wielded rejection all by white men.

White men kidnapped, killed, snatched, brutalized, beat, and maimed blacks all legally through legislation, mandates, codes, policies, erroneous narratives and just out right lies.

DEMONcrats have conveniently forgotten, refuse to atone and repair the breach of contract they took to serve and protect us in the vision of our ancestors and their descendants.

As an educator, I see just how law enforcement, big pharma, banking industry, apa and the judicial system all interconnect on the oppression, poverty and ignorance that’s legislated our people. It is toxic, contaminated, illegal and immoral.

DEMONcrats collude with white supremacists within our inner city schools, jobs and community of which to me allow them to aid and abet in our early demise.

DEMONcrats and RETHUGlicans are indeed one and the same in my eyes and I shall no longer vehemently defend it as it kills us, harms us, and hurts us while needing us, relying upon us, coveting us and expecting us to fail them not.

I find it amazing that we are going back in history where our law enforcement, emt workers, and firemens are given much power but are only expected to have a high school diploma or GED while harboring much hate, racist view and great disdain towards those who pay them to serve and protect.

DEMONcrats allow excellence, brilliance, high standards, expectations and professionalism under the Obama administration to go like it was a bad, immoral, unjust and dehumanizing thing and followed it up with entitlement, mediocrity, racism and ignorance with 45,


President Obama and his administration was African Americans and Minorities on steroids and 45 was Whites on steroids’.