Decapitation of King

Headless statue of King speaks to the intentional, willful, known and immoral treatment of our leaders whose goal were to liberate us as a people.

Yep, as usual the message is subliminally clear to me.

We are STILL taking off the head of our BLACK leaders I see whose goal is to break these chains of oppression, poverty, mistreatment, miseducation, malnourishment and injustice.

We are celebrating the decapitation of our leaders, they used to have them on postcards and place them on mantles and now they are celebrated as “art” work?

Malcolm X talked about SYMBOLIC forms of justice. #WEEZTIED.

They decapitated the struggle for freedom.

They decapitated our desire for unity.

The decapitated our scholars.

They decapitated our schools.

They decapitated our fight in us.

They decapitated our belief in us.

They decapitated our progress towards a more perfect union.

They decapitated our will for inclusion.

They decapitated our major contributions that resurrected America.

They always managed to decapitate our HEAD or LEADERS for what? They don’t want us on theirs, with theirs, around theirs and in theirs and they simultaneously don’t want us to create ours, have ours, enjoy ours, celebrate ours, in ours, with ours, on ours, around ours or between ours?

I see it as a mockery of the take down of a leader who was waking up the people, his people.

In the words of the late Mr. James Baldwin….

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'The Victim Who Is Able To Articulate The Situation Of The Victim Has Ceased To Be A Victim, He Has Become A Threat..'

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