Chief Robert Tracy

We need to stop allowing law enforcement to be mediocre, racist, divisive, hateful, racist, illiterate, immoral, unjust and too controlling.

These positions are gifted to those who have little to no education, who are entitled and as racist as they can get to come in and start out at a 50,000.00 salary to lie, present false narratives and frame innocent people.

These people are allowed to hurt, harm, and kill as they feel and this should no longer be acceptable, expected and allowed.

How is it that we were just complaining about the working poor getting an extra 500.000 a month as they say “throwing money away” but the same people who are highly taxed will pay the salary of a new WHITE Police Chief in the amount of $250,000.00 a year?

The very people you deny a reputable career are the same people he will be allowed to come in, falsely imprison, harshly scrutinize and frame to sit in jail and rot while locked up they use their labor on jobs they would never be hired while free?

Make this shit make sense, please?

Inmates are used in prison to:







Raise livestock


Process food

Metal fabrication

Field work

Highway maintenance

Farm Equipment maintenance

Make signs

Make license plates

Make furniture

rebuild computers

They “learn” job skills and develop a stronger work ethics like they need it?

They have always had skills in food preparations, financial management, operations, record keeping, transportation, maintenance, farming, construction, building maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, welding, and many other occupations, America just refused to hire them, pay them top wages and allow them to live productive lives.