A martyr?

Why have we normalized school violence?
Why have we normalized school shootings?
Why have we normalized students being vulgar?
Why have we normalized students being ignorant?
Why have we normalized students being illiterate?
Why have we normalized students being uncaring?
Why have we normalized immorality?
Why have we normalized unethical treatment?
Why have we normalized dehumanization?
Teachers fear being unalived on the job.
Teachers fear not being believed, seen, heard, supported, understood or felt.
Teachers must understand that today, this is invisibly in the job description.
Teachers must risk their lives as we are unable to teach, redirect, raise standards and expectations and well educate our future to be critical thinkers, and scholarly.
Teachers deviate slightly from the given path or prescribed curriculum you run the risk of being pink slipped
Teachers daily face verbal, psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse, turmoil and pain and is expected to suck it all up
Teachers face psychological injury at the hands of students, faculty, staff, administration, parents when all we want to do is equip our chidren for a better tomorrow
Teachers (especially of color) understand how to read verbal and nonverbal ques or body language
 Teachers are in our spaces, places and schools or invaded and infiltrated our spaces, places and schools to pus our children into the criminal justice system.
Teachers are expected to start documentation, get the paper trail and reporting going of what they see and say is violent behavior and language but yet they came into our homes and said allow them to express themselves.
Teachers spend more time documenting than teaching.
Teachers do not sign up to give their lives away.
Teachers need to call for Brown vs Board of Education to be revisited.
This ENTIRE educational system needs to be ABOLISHED and changed from the GROUND UP.
We have all of these policy makers who have NEVER went through a Teacher’s program in depth but these microwave programs and we all know that they are HANDED access, opportunities, positions, titles, careers and high salaries without beint studied, well researched, genuine or professionally trained or exposed.
The Department of Education SHOULD be DISMANTLED.
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