Jarrell Garris was in New Rochelle Farms supermarket and took a banana and that was a death sentence?

Well, Whites have always been allowed to KILL us for taking food. Follow with me:






You study THEIR books, you go to THEIR schools, you learn THEIR information, THEIR language, THEIR styles, THEIR perceptions, so when you come out of school you can do a humdinger of a job solving European’s problems, but you can’t solve your own. And then you DARE call yourself “intelligent?” C’mon. That’s the height of stupidity. Dr. Amos Wilson
“The white man creates the self hate within you, then profits from it” Dr. Amos Wilson
I’M AN AFRICAN – THE DEATH OF MY BROTHER IS ALSO MY DEATH! Many foolish black middle classes and many foolish people “who are eating well” think they can sit in America and watch this country destroy the African continent, African Caribbeans, Africans in Central and South America, and think that these same people who destroy Africans abroad wouldn’t be the same people who would destroy them in America. They are fools in this country who try to claim that they are not Africans and who claim that they don’t see color, as if they not seeing color makes any difference in the world. Simply because “you don’t see color,” it doesn’t mean somebody doesn’t see you as color. AND, THAT’S THE ISSUE!
You think, then, that you can sit in this country while this same nation and these same people who you sleep with, marry, love and so forth, can go out and destroy African people and not think those people don’t see you as African even though “you choose not to see yourself as African,” you better think again. YOU’RE OUT OF YOU MIND AND YOU’RE HEADED FOR DEATH! Hiding behind: “I’m an American; I’m a human being.” The death and destruction of African people will follow those kinds of abstractions (SELF-DECEPTIONS). Dr. Amos Wilson
UNWITTING IMITATION OF THE CONQUEROR – AN EXTREME PERIL: To unwittingly imitate one’s enemies, to indiscriminately imitate their attitudes and oppressive behaviors; to fail to model one’s attitudes and oppressive behaviors to fit one’s own circumstances and expectations, is self-defeating and self-oppressing. These are the general outcomes for Afrikan Americans who attend “standard” American schools, establishments designed and managed by their oppressors. The “standard” American school wherein they are unwittingly, indiscriminately prodded to imitate their oppressors, even if “successful” in such institutions, is ill-fitted to their history of oppression and to prepare them for liberation from it. The subjection of the Afrikan American male, who is the special target of hostile White male dominance, to “standard” American education, a major instrument of EuroAmerican socioeconomic supremacy, is tantamount to the genocidal subjection, through him, of the Afrikan American and PanAfrikan communities. Dr. Amos Wilson
WHY DOES THE “BLACK MAN” SERVE THE WHITE MAN? Why does the “black man” respond to the white man? Why does everything the “black man” do benefits the white man? Why does the “black man” say, “freedom is doing what I want to do!” and EVERYTHING he “wants to do” enrich the Europeans? Why is that our youth say that they’re being “free” and that they’re doing “what they want to do,” and that they’re “expressing themselves” and it involves buying a one-hundred-dollar ($100) pair of sneakers from white folks? Because the spirit that’s implanted in the human mind and psyche is there to ONLY respond to its creator and to its master. Therefore, when you let another people generate a spirit in you, certain value and reality for you and let you see yourself and your people in a particular sort of way, they have implanted a spirit. And, that spirit has been created by them and only responds to them and it only responds to them in terms of furthering their interest and working against the interest of the body it possesses. This is why there’s that self-destructive spirit in us because the DEMON that possesses the body is not there for that body, it’s there for the creator that placed it there.
And if necessary to obey its creator it has to destroy that body, it will destroy the body it inhabits. The values, desires, tastes, interests, needs, etc., that the spirit has can only be satisfied and realize by going through the aegis of the master that created it. That’s why every value, desire, taste, interest, need, etc., that provokes us, ends up having us going through white folks and that’s why we think we need them. And every time we satisfy them, they somehow benefit in our seeking satisfaction—because the demon that we call ourselves is answering to the call of its master. A CULTURE creates its own POSSESSING SPIRITS and ENCULTURATES and INCULCATES those spirits into its MEMBER! So that those members in defending their own egos and satisfying their own values, desires, tastes, interests, needs, etc., defends, satisfies, advances, enriches and empowers the CULTURE! One of the best ways to enculturate and inculcate cultural values or a cultural spirit is through ENTERTAINMENT! Therefore, we MUST ensure that the CONTENT of the entertainment represents our cultural values and spirit or . . . IT WOULD BE TURNED AGAINST US. Dr. Amos Wilson
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If the hood is so poor, why do Whites Italians European Jews, Chinese, Asians, Arabs, Africans, Latinos, Indian, open their businesses there ? We’re not poor! We have POOR SPENDING HABITS.

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Did you know that “No Trespassing” signs in the U.S. are actually linked to slavery? #Slavery #BHM #BlackHistoryMonth #Foraging #NoTrespassing #History #CivilWar

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